Evaprotive Air Cooler

Cooling Principle:
Evaprotive Air Cooling Unit is applicable for the open and half open environment.It can directly convency natural air and cool air after reducing temperature. Outside fresh air can be conveyed largely after being filtrated and cooled down by the Evaporative Air Cooling Unit,and the inside odor & dusty air will be taken out from the room.This Evaporative air cooling unit can give attention to ventilation, temperature-descent and increasing the content of O2 in the air.

Temperature Dropping Principle:
Evaporative Air Cooling Unit drops temperature through absorbing the heat in the air with water evaporation according to the principle of “water absorbs heat after evaporating, and the evaporating area affects the evaporating efficiency”.When the hot air pass through the cooling pad whose actual heat exchanged area is 100 times of the surface area, the heat of the air will be absorbed, thus dropping the air temperature.

Evaporative Cooling System is the best solution for industrial floor cooling compare to Air Conditioning System because:

Why Evaporative Air Cooling Unit?

*This reduces Floor Temp.5.7oC from ambient temperature
*Saves electricity so less running cost(only 1.1 kw/machine)
*Not required the ceiling fan, saves huge electricity and running cost
*Circulates always fresh & cold air so increase workers efficiency.
*Save environment as no CFC emission

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