Fire Protection System

Fire Hydrant System:
As Hydrants are very critical fire fighting equipments so the quality certified Hydrant is a must. Knowing importance of Hydrant, ABG Intelinks Ltd. has sourced and introduced the UL Listed and FM Approved Dry Barrel Hydrant and Wet barrel hydrant to give you an absolutely smooth and optimum performance. Wet Barrel Hydrant is mostly using and suitable in places where hit accidents and fair of water freezing is inconsiderable. On the other hand, it is dry barrel to eliminate freezing and corrosion problems with break away design that prevents complete damage to the hydrant and limit it to the upper part only. Booth Indoor & Outdoor hydrant stations are designed to comply as per latest NFPA and BNBC guidelines and codes.
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If you have an existing security or fire system but are not happy with the level of service you are receiving from your maintainer, or if the system has fallen into disrepair, ABG Interlinks Ltd can help. Our vast knowledge of different models of control equipment gained from so many years’ experience means that no matter who installed the system we can help.
It is possible that your original fire and security systems are no longer appropriate for your needs. ABG Interlinks Ltd we can assess your current situation and advise you as to whether or not you need to make any changes or upgrades. We can ensure that your fire detection and alarm systems, security systems and fire protection systems are correctly maintained and, in turn, maximise their efficiency leaving you free to conduct your business effectively

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Some product of Fire Hydrant System: