Natural Turbine Ventilator

Ventilation System (with nature & power)

Working Procedure:
The turbine ventilator operates by utilising the velocity energy of the wind to induce air flow by centrifugal action. The centifugalforce caused by the spinning vanes creats a region of low pressure area which draws air out through the turbine.Air drawn out by the turbine is continuously replaced by fresh air from the outside. The slightest breeze will cause the turbine to spin and even after the breeze has stopped, the fly wheel effect of the rotor cage will use its stored energy to continusly remove air giving rise to ventilation. Sucton is maintained even at low wind velocites.

* 10 years warranty
* Easily replaceable
* Light weight and durable
* Virtuall maintenance free
* Weatherproof and stormproof
* Available with Aluminium & Stainless Steel Materials
* Rotor shaft and bearing assembly concealed in aluminium or stainless steel casing.

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