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PA System:

A public address system
A public address system

A public address system (PA system) and Intercom systems are commonly used as part of an emergency communication system. A PA system is a sound amplification system that generally includes a microphone, an amplifier, and some loudspeakers. Many PA systems also include a separate mixing console or a powered mixer, which combines the amplifier and mixing console into a single device.

Using public address systems as part of a mass notification system is the only way in which a public address system can be used for fire alarm notification. A mass notification system provides emergency announcements and direction to occupants in many types of emergencies in addition to fire emergencies.

By rendering exceptionally good sound solutions, ABG Interlinks Ltd helps people find access to great technology & electronically-advanced PA Equipment & other electrical goods. The company designs, supplies, integrate, and install reliable emergency warning and notification systems. The company has been working with a vision to serve supreme sound quality that let one experience ‘the science of Acoustics.’ We have in our ambit a wide range of commercial sound products in various designs and capabilities to suit the requirements of our varied customers. Equipped with the latest machinery, tools & equipments, we manufacture a wide gamut of public address systems which are designed and constructed with one idea in mind- to provide the clearest, most effective auditory communication.

We provide equipment from leading manufacturers, not proprietary systems, giving you the freedom to choose the right system and the right service partner. We believe this leads to a better, simpler service experience. ABG Interlinks Ltd is dealt with the products of COFEM, RCF (Italy).

Our team can provide consultancy and installation of new systems, alterations on existing systems and periodic maintenance.  Design of systems will depend on your individual requirements and include:-

  • Basic and Networked PAVA Systems
  • Phased Evacuation
  • Multi-lingual messages
  • Public announcements
  • Background music
  • Message broadcasting
Precision Announcements

Intelligibility of a system is paramount, and every word must be clearly understood. An audio specialist would begin every project by understanding your building acoustics making sure that the final quality of sound is accurate.


A stylish range of microphones are available with fully programmable easy to use buttons, capable of automatically compensating for every type of tone or volume of voice. Training programmes can also assist to educate users in basic microphone techniques.


We can provide measurable criteria for clarity and achieve the correct results for harmony within the building acoustic and interior design.


A public address system

Today RCF produces a wide and diverse range of products to satisfy any sound and musical amplification need. This can range from a single product to complete integrated solution. In doing so, the company can cover everything from a small project to very large and complex system. RCF controls every step of the production process, from the design to the construction and marketing of its products. Owning its own transducers technology gives RCF an
enormous advantage in the development of complete speaker systems, achieving the perfect match between transducers and electronics, now more and more focused on digital technology.

Founded in 1949, RCF built its history of sound amplification from basic solutions for small spaces to vast and complex digital systems for
theatres, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, underground metro’s, exhibition centres, schools, hospitals, sports arenas, stadia, hotels.
Our Product’s design and manufacturing are held in the Reggio Emilia headquarters where more than 240 people are employed ensuring the high
quality of RCF’s products and systems.

A public address system
Audio Components and System

RCF has always been committed in providing complete support to its customers helping them to choose the most suitable solutions for their projects, instruct on how to install the products in the correct way and achieve the best possible performances.This support activity is crucial to RCF’s continual success and we keep investing in this department by expanding our engineering team of product specialists as well as the use of the latest equipments and software technologies. The direct involvement in groups and more complex projects around the world is continually raising the know-how, experience and reputation of our team of specialists that is considered one of the best Engineering Support Group in our industry.

A public address system

A system design must always be carried out considering the acoustics of the environment, the architectural and installation constraints, the maintenance costs and, on top of everything, the user’s requirements. The extensive and complete range of RCF products enables the Engineering Support Group to submit multiple design solutions optimized and tailored according to costs’ and performances’ requirements. ESG engineers are also involved in educational and training activities where they can exchange information and opinion with consultants and contractors participating to the RCF Audio Academy program, an extensive range of courses and workshops organized worldwide on several subjects by RCF engineers.

Engineering Support Group is able to produce:

  • Design proposal based on supplied venue details, including environment acoustic simulation, products list, bloc
    diagram, speaker coverage mapping.
  • Design validation based on design submitted by the client providing guidance on the proper selection and placement
    of RCF products.
  • Design of alternative solutions, based on existing specs, providing advice and improved system configurations
    based upon RCF products.
  • Acoustical consultancy for the definition of projects specifications in cooperation with architects’ and contractors’
  •  On site system start-up and commissioning. Furthermore RCF provides on request rack already wired completed
    with connection diagrams and operation manuals.
  • Educational and training activities, included in the RCF Audio Academy world-wide program, or tailor made for the
    client’s requirements.

The office covers all market applications such as:

  • Stadia, Sport Arena
  • Theatres, Auditoriums
  • Concerts, Live Events
  • Airport, Railway Stations
  • Cruise Ship
  • Malls, Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals, Schools, Public Buildings
  • Restaurants, Shops, Offices
  • Places of Worships
  • Congress Centres, Meeting Rooms
A public address system
A public address system
A public address system
A public address system
A public address system