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Turnkey Solutions provider of Firefighting, HVAC and MV Power Systems

Achievements & Awards

We specialize in protection, detection & suppression system as well as HVAC consultancy, design as per NFPA & BNBC rules & guidelines, installation, system commissioning, room integrity testing as well as service & maintenance.

Beyond the choice among different certified products, ABG Interlinks Ltd provides customized solutions and it is constantly engaged in the study and design of technologically innovative models and solutions, focusing on the customer’s demands, the energy saving and the respect for the environment.

Our workmanship consists with project versatility, expert engineering, international reach & world-class quality. Our products meet international standards in quality, specifications, workmanship and performance & those can be integrated with other advanced solutions as long as the latter are reliable & comply with basic parameters.

Our continued success can be attributed to both our driven & dynamic leadership team, our exciting vision for the future & our far-fetched team who are passionate in providing our clients with a market leading service every day. We look forward to partnering with you.

In recognition of its’ quality products, services and effective implementation of Quality Management System principles, ABG Interlinks Ltd was awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

 Some of our prestigious project references are as follows:

  • Bangladesh Pou Hung Ind. Ltd (KEPZ, 5, 50, 000 SFT), CTG: This is our Landmarked Project value about USD 1 Million. We have been completed this project & awaiting ALLIANCE approval. Scope of works fire Sprinklers system (5500 heads) & fire detection system with 24 Loops panel.
  • Sepal Group (Orchid/Glory, Board Bazar, Gazipur, 2, 80, 000 SFT, 10 storied) Addressable Detection System as well as Hydrant &  Sprinkler system(2600 heads) works already have been done & approved by ALLIANCE.
  • Azim Group (Global Outerwear Ltd., Savar, Dhaka, 2,60,000 SFT, 10 storied)-Sprinkler system project (2,500 Sprinkler Heads) with UL Listed fire pump  set. Already app roved by ACCORD.
  • Azim Group (Woven Complex, Kalurghat, Chittagong, 5,20,000 SFT)Sprinkler system project (4,800 Sprinkler Heads) with UL Listed fire pump set as well as Addressable Fire Alarm & Detection system. Already approved by ACCORD.
  • SUAD Garments (Adamjee EPZ, Narayonganj, 6 storied building, 2,16,000 sft) Fire Hydrant & Detection system works have recently been completed. Awaiting approval.
  • Berger Paints Bangladesh LtdWe have been awarded the complete Fire Hydrant system works including UL Listed fire pump set & Addressable Fire Alarm & Detection System at Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd., Chittagong Factory.

ABG Interlinks Ltd typically deals with & is one of the leading supplier & installer of HVAC, Fire Fighting, Industrial & Home Automation & Electrical safety systems for industrial concerns & high rise buildings.

Some of our prestigious cooling system project references are as follows:

  • SQ Birichina Ltd (SQ Station, Valuka, Mymensing, 30,000 sft)Evaporative Cooling System 30000m³/hr capacity 21 units.
  • Shore to Shore Textiles of Yunusco Group (Adamjee EPZ, N’Gonj, 1,25,000 sft) Evaporative Cooling System 18000m³/hr capacity 100 units.
  • Epic Garments Unit 4 (Adamjee EPZ, N’Gonj, 2,00,000 sft) Evaporative Cooling System 30000m³/hr capacity 40 units, 18000m³/hr capacity 131 units; with ducting works about 60,000 SFT.
  • Cutting Edge Industries Ltd. of MBM Group (Salna, Gazipur, 35000 sft)Evaporative Cooling System 30000m³/hr capacity 12 units, 18000m³/hr capacity 40 units.

It’s apt to mention here that, we enjoy excellent recognition, rapport and credentials with our entire client base. This is owing to our high standards of service deliverables, swift and effective resolutions to situations if any, and an exclusive compliance standard, which focuses on Employee Health and Safety, NFPA, BNBC, ACCORD & ALLIANCE compliances, User Trainings, Onsite maintenance checks – which are conducted by us periodically, as a matter of routine.

ABG Interlinks Ltd is committed to provide our clients with an unrivalled service. We focus heavily on quality and pride ourselves in offering a fast responsive service from tender stage right through to contract completion. We are extremely proud of our Health and Safety record and all of our site personnel are trained and certified in the use of all manners of site plant and equipment. Our steadfast and unique service has established our strong position in this industry.