Our Story


ABG Interlinks Ltd (ABGIL) is a forerunner in providing specialized Turnkey solution on Fire Fighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) System. ABGIL has a competent well-organized design section to support the valuable clients effectively and efficiently. Since its’ establishment in 2009, ABG Interlinks Ltd. with its’ highly skilled & professional engineers and other technical staffs are working round the clock to provide the best possible solution to its’ valued customers maintaining highest level of quality products and efficient customer services. In recognition of its’ quality products and services and effective implementation of Quality Management System principles (QA/QC) ABG Interlinks Ltd was awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification by International Standards Certification (ISC). ABGIL has also been awarded from different appraisal and appreciating bodies with appreciation on maintaining appropriate technical setup in designing and implementing of Fire Fighting and HVAC solution system. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE/OHS) issues are followed at optimized level to all our supply and services. ABGIL is one of the executive council members of ESSAB (Electronics Safety & Security Association of Bangladesh).

Recently, we have added Industrial Battery (VRLA & Lithium –ion) for Telecom, starting and back-up application, Telecom Rectifier (DCPS), UPS, Energy Storage System (ESS), Battery Management System (BMS) , AC Motor Drive and Renewable Energy System (Solar Home System, Engineering Design, Solar irrigation, Rooftoop, Street light, DC refrigeration,EPC,IPP).


Design, Drawing, Supply, Construction, Construction Management of:

  • Fire Detection &Alarm Control System (Conventional & Addressable) with Integration of Fire Protection System in compliance of NFPA & BNBC Codes.
  • Fire Protection (Stand Pipe & Sprinkler system, Water deluge) Systems etc.
  • Air-conditioning, Evaporative Cooling and Ventilation System.
  • Water treatment.
  • Cooling tower.
  • Ducting, Fabrication and piping.
  • MV Electrical distribution and utilization system.
  • Instrumentation and Automation.
  • Supply, Testing & Installation of Industrial battery for Telecom Rectifier (DCPS)
  • UPS, AC Motor Drive, Solar Solution (Home System, Engineering Design, Rooftop, IPP,EPC),Street light, DC refrigeration for vaccine).


ABG Interlinks Ltd. is committed for continuous improving the effectiveness of quality management system by establishing and implementing our defined and declared quality objectives. We meet the requirements of our customers through the achievement of the following Quality Objectives:

  • On time delivery of the services to our valued business partners.
  • Accuracy in documentation.
  • Business partners acceptance about services as valid and usable.
  • Meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, NFPA, BNBC, ASHRAE etc
  • Product compliance from UL listed & FM approved, AENOR, VDS etc certified
  • Necessary Service Support for the comfort and satisfaction of valued Business Partners


ABG Interlinks Ltd. is committed to Design, Specification preparation, Procurement, quality assessment, engineering & industrial products e.g. Fire Detection & Protection System, Fire Pump, cooling, ventilation & Air conditioning System, MV Electrical system/equipment, Storage Power (Battery), UPS, AC Motor Drive, Renewable Energy, Energy Storage System,  etc. at all times that fully meets and satisfies the expectations of our customers and business partners.