Fire Detection

Misc Detection Products

Misc Detection Products (NOVEC, VESDA, ASPIRAS) What is VESDA? The name VESDA is an abbreviation for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus. VESDA is a laser-based smoke detector, which means it is a very good smoke detector. VESDA smoke detectors have been operating in specialist fire detection applications for over 20…
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Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems Principle of Operation: A conventional fire alarm systems consists of a control panel linked to lines of detectors and manual call points, normally called ZONES, there is then separate sounder circuits are installed. Control Panel: The control panel drives detector & sounder circuits providing LED indications…
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Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Intelligent or Addressable Fire Alarm Systems There are numerous benefits of addressable fire alarms. A panel installed in the buildings entrance will display exactly which devices have activated, pointing to exactly where the fire or false alarm is. Addressable fire alarms are invaluable for large buildings or building campuses where…
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