Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Intelligent or Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

There are numerous benefits of addressable fire alarms. A panel installed in the buildings entrance will display exactly which devices have activated, pointing to exactly where the fire or false alarm is. Addressable fire alarms are invaluable for large buildings or building campuses where a single control panel may service multiple alarms units. Addressable fire alarms also require less cabling than conventional fire alarms saving time and money. All of the devices installed as part of an addressable fire alarm system connect to a single cabling loop that runs through the entire premises.

The main difference between the conventional and intelligent or addressable detection systems lies in that for the former the voltage delivered by the transducer is compared with a predetermined and fixed threshold (V alarm), obtaining from that comparison the system in standby or system in alarm status.

In the addressable Detection System, on the contrary, the control panel gathers the readings from each sensor and determines the status there of according to these readings, any previous readings (history), the preprogrammed parameters and on the decision algorithm, being possible to act on the detection parameters, as well as, for example, the alarm threshold.

Each sensor on the addressable Detection System transmits its analogue value to the control panel with a regularity of less than 10 seconds.

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