High Pressure water MIST system


Water mist system

Water mist systems are fire suppression systems that use very small water droplets to extinguish or control fires. These droplets are effective at controlling fires while using less water and having smaller piping than a standard sprinkler system due to the increased cooling effects, oxygen displacement and pre-wetting that the droplet size and distribution provide. Some additional benefits of water mist fire protection systems include reduced water damage and low environmental impact. By atomizing water, the reaction surface area of the water is increased by more than 200-fold compared to the one of a conventional sprinkler. Our high-pressure mist systems use extra-small Class I droplets in accordance with NFPA 750. Using pressures between 50 and 200 bar, the water can be atomized effectively.

High Pressure water MIST system


Environmentally friendly and sustainable
No danger for people, no pre-warning times
Better cooling effect
Better shielding against radiated heat
No corrosive by-products from extinguishing agents
Less water damages
Shorter downtimes
Minimum space requirements
No problems with hydraulic pressure losses with greater heights and larger distances
Fire safety elements/components can be compensated
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