Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

fire detection alarm control system
Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Principle of Operation:

A conventional fire alarm systems consists of a control panel linked to lines of detectors and manual call points, normally called ZONES, there is then separate sounder circuits are installed.

Control Panel:

The control panel drives detector & sounder circuits providing LED indications should a ZONE activate. Conventional panels either key or codes have then the ability to silence or reset the sounder circuits. The panel powered by 240VAC mains voltage, there is then a battery backup installed in the event of a power failure.

Fire Detection Zones:

Conventional systems will have a series of manual call points, Smoke or Heat detectors or even Beams connected to them. When these activate an LED on the tripped device will illuminate.

Sounder Circuits:

Sounder Circuits are cabled separately to detection and call points circuits. They also, Where required, have strobe lights fitted. These would be installed in large factory areas or where people that are hard of hearing may work.

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