Smoke Extraction System


The Detex

In the event of fire most of the deaths are caused by asphyxiating fumes. Statistics say, 70% to 80% of deaths occurs due to the inhalation of toxic gases. e.g., carbon monoxide and carbon-di-oxide. Statistics also say 75% of fires occur at night and average response time for firefighters is about to 18 minutes. But in practically, the country like Bangladesh it is obviously more than 18 minutes due to the huge traffic conditions and other reasons. However, here we come with a solution to avoid endangering your life during the event of fire. The Detex.

Detex is the world’s first ductless autonomous smoke detector and extractor. It automatically detects fire smoke, initiates its absorption at a rate of 192m3/h, filters the gases produced by the fire to 0.3 microns and purifies the ambient air:

It sucks up and retains the soot present in the fumes to avoid poisoning,
It filters carbon dioxide and makes the atmosphere more breathable,
It reduces carbon monoxide by 6%,
It lowers the room temperature by 30°C and allows better visibility,
It works for 30 minutes in total autonomy after a power cut,
It is equipped with a smoke alarm integrated in standard NF-EN 14604
Heavy fabricated steel base plate rigidly constructed to provide proper alignment of pump and electric motor
Compact skid design with small foot-print for retrofit
High standard of quality in material construction finish and workmanship

A true technological innovation, this solution meets the smoke extraction objectives defined by the regulations:

Maintain practicable evacuation routes.
Also help to limit the spread of the fire and facilitate the intervention of the emergency services.
The Detex is guaranteed for 10 years (excluding battery).
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