Earthing & Lightning Protection System


ABG Interlinks Ltd is one of the leading Lightning protection system solution providers in Bangladesh. We are specialized in design, supply, installation and testing of lighting protection system. 

Early Steamer Emission (ESE) air terminal is an ionizing lightning rod use for external lightning protection system with innovative technology. This ESE air terminal is also known as active lightning rod. This is most advanced type lightning protection solution  which accuracy is very high compare to conventional lightning rod. Compiles with NFPA 780, BNBC 2006, IEC, NEC, IEEE, LPI .

Electrical Materials supply & Installation

Electrical Materials supply & Installation

We supply all type of electricals materials as per customer’s requirement within a very short delivery lead time. We have multiple years of experience in designing, supervising, commissioning of new electrical system.  Our technical teams has several years of experience working with well reputed engineering consultation and construction companies .


Lightning protection systems represent the modern evolution of the innovation initiated by Benjamin Franklin. Presently, these systems are employed in thousands of buildings, homes, factories, towers, stadiums, public spaces, and even the Space Shuttle’s launch pad. They are crucial for ensuring the safety of electrical appliances, buildings, and most importantly, human lives by mitigating unwanted electrical hazards. At ABG, we are dedicated to providing top-notch safety services. With our extensive experience in designing and installing Earthing and lightning protection systems, we guarantee the delivery of high-quality products accompanied by excellent customer service. For designing and installing the lightning Arrestors earthing system we follow the NF C 17-102, IEC 62 305-3,NFPA 780, BNBC 2006 and many more standards

Earthing & Lightning Protection System
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Types of Lightning Protection Systems we offer

Early streamer emission air terminal Standards: France: NF C 17-102 (September 2011 edition)
Single rods air terminals Standards: IEC 62 305-3
Meshed cages Standards: IEC 62 305-3
Stretched wires Standards: IEC 62 305-3
Early streamer emission air terminal (ESEAT)

This is the advanced technology for lighting protection. An Early Streamer Emission air terminal is an external lightning protection system. OPR air terminals are especially effective for the protection of classified industrial sites, administrative or public buildings, historical monuments and open-air sites such as sports grounds. This technology has huge demand across the globe and are widely used.
During a storm, when the propagation field conditions are favorable, the OPR first generates an upward leader. This leader from the OPR tip propagates towards the downward leader from the cloud at an average speed of 1 m/µs. The aim of the ESE air terminal is to become the point of discharge of the lightning in order to achieve a controlled impact without damage.

Installation conditions

Lightning Protection System with an ESEAT

Lightning Protection System with an ESEAT is made of

  • → an Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal and its extension mast
  • → two down conductors, or in case of several ESEAT oneconductor per ESEAT
  • → a connecting link or test joint for each down conductor to enabling the earth resistance to be verified
  • → a protecting flat to protect the down conductor for the last two meters above ground level
  • → an earth designed to dissipate the lightning currents at the bottom of each down conductor
  • → an equipotential bonding between each earth and the general earthing circuit of the structure. this one must be disconnected
  • → protection measures against injuries to leaving being due totouch and step voltages (e.g. warning notice).

Our ESE type protection system products

ESE Air Terminal

We are offering OPR 30, OPR 45 & OPR 60 from world renowned brand ABB.

These OPR are earned through maintaining consistently high manufacturing quality.

Lightning stroke counter

Lightning stroke counter and recorder is used to store date and time of the impact as well as lightning current values.

Lightning stroke counter

Conventional Type

Conventional Type

In the conventional system lighting rod is engineered to protect the structure in event of a lightning strike. The lighting will strike the rod and the conductor cables will carry the lightning current from the rod to the ground through wires instead of passing through the structure.

We are one of the leading Conventional Lightning Protection System (LPS) provider in Bangladesh. We specialize in design, supply, installation, testing of Lightning Protection Systems. Complies with NFPA 780, BNBC 2006, IEC, NEC, IEEE

Single rods air terminals

This type of protection is especially recommended for radio stations and antenna masts when the area requiring protection is relatively small. A single rod air terminal protection is made up of:

a rod lightning air terminal and its extension mast
two down conductors
a connection link or test joint on each down conductor to check the conductor earth resistance
a protecting flat to protect the down conductor for the last two meters above ground level
protection measures against injuries to leaving being due to touch and step voltages (e.g. warning notice).
Single rods air terminals
Lightning protection system with Meshed cages

This principle consists of dividing up and more easily dissipating the lightning current by a network of conductors and earths.A meshed cage installation has multiple down conductors and consequently provides very effective protection for buildings that house equipment sensitive to electromagnetic disturbance.This is because the lightning current is divided among the down conductors and the low current circulating in the mesh creates very little disturbance by induction. A meshed cage installation is made up of:

devices to capture the atmospheric discharges consisting of strike points
roof conductors
down conductors
protection measures against injuries to leaving being due to touch and step voltages (e.g. warning notice)
an equipotential bonding between each earth and the general earthing circuit of the structure; this one must be disconnectable.
Lightning protection system with Meshed cages
Lightning protection system with Stretched wires

This system is composed of one or several conductor wires stretched above the protected installation. The protection area is determined by applying the electro-geometrical model.The conductors must be earthed at each end.
This technology is used to protect ammunition depots and as a general rule in circumstances where the site cannot be protected by using a building structure to support the conductors that convey the lightning currents to the earth.

Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection Devices
DEHN, Germany

Surge protector is an appliance or device intended to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes in alternating current circuits. It is characterized by its capacity to safely discharge current with 8/20 µs wave form.  We provide best quality SPD  which is suitable for commercial use  as well as residential use .

Our other Product of Earthing and Lightning systems

Copper Earthing rod
Copper Earthing rod
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Copper Cable
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Copper Bus Bar
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